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We saw .@StarWars The Force Awakens yesterday. I didn't like it. Sure, it was better than the ones with , but barely.

TIL: the founder of .@EntertainerToys is a Christian and keeps his shops closed on Sunday (even Christmas Eve).


"America is apostate.

America is not dead. America is not finished. America is still “the greatest nation on God’s green earth,” as one prominent talk radio host says. America still has more true Christians than any other nation. America is still a friend of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their seed. America is still a land of liberty, though her priceless freedoms are being lost bit by bit, day by day. America still has great strength, and petty dictators would do well not to arouse her anger.

But as a nation, America has rejected the blessed God of her fathers.

America has turned from the true and living God in a most terrible way. She mocks the fear of God. She despises God’s holy laws. She glories in everything that is abominable before God. She retains a “form of godliness” even while denying the power thereof, that power being a born again converted life and an infallible Bible and an omnipotent God. As a whole, America is grossly ignorant of the Bible, but if she knew it, she would not like it.


America is apostate and the preachers are to blame.

I’m sad because of this, but in no way am I discouraged. I know preachers in America and in many countries who don’t fit this sorry description, and I know of churches that aren’t compromised by the spirit of the age. We are seeing God raise up such preachers through our own missionary work. We are currently working with nearly 20 such preachers. We are training such preachers. We are seeing them go out and start discipling churches rather than mixed multitudes and entertainment centers. These are men that don’t skip over repentance or soft sell the truth or ignore discipline. "

After 4 days of using the .@Brave browser, here's my stats:

1166 trackers blocked
315 ads blocked
97 https upgrades
2 minutes saved

I'm most surprised about the trackers blocked. I had always used the .@eff extension Privacy Badger, but there were no overall stats over it.