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"Coconut oil is 'pure poison' and 'one of the worst foods you can eat', according to a lecture given by a professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health."

Am I the only person who remembers when movie theatre popcorn used to be popped in the stuff? But then, for health reasons, it was swapped out. I've wondered this for years how it could come back.....

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From John Macarthur (

"This recent (and surprisingly sudden) detour in quest of “social justice” is, I [John Macarthur] believe, the most subtle and dangerous threat so far."

Very true.

I just got done watching the film The Free State of Jones. This film serves as a great illustration of why everyone should back an armed citizenry. if you haven't seen it, you need to watch it.

"Americans don’t take vacations. Even when they have vacation days allotted; even when unused vacation days don’t roll over into the next year. In 2016, 54% of working Americans didn’t use their vacation days – cumulatively, that’s 662m days off, abandoned. Do you know how many vacations – in France, in Florida, at the lake with your family, camping with old friends – that is, lost forever? That is so many vacations."

I agree. Americans need to think differently about vacations and taking time off work

People expect those with dogs to clean up after their dogs. Why do we stand for people allowing their cats to roam free and poop all in our gardens??

I'm currently watching these coffee snob guys talk about how much water (in grams) they use for how much coffee and then timing the pour over. Crazy if you ask me....

I think if I had the money to afford a yacht, I'd buy one of these instead. They look uber cool.

Why? I can answer that: look at the way men are berated in society:

We hold a door and get told off that "I can do it myself"
We compliment how a woman looks and get told off as creepy or worse sexual harassment
We get up to offer someone who appears pregnant a seat only to find out they aren't really
We get up to offer a pregnant woman a seat only to be told off yet again

Society can't have it both ways. Sure, wolf-whistling, cat calling, and genuine sexual harassment are all wrong and we should call them out, people being nice--like holding doors and offering seats--should be met equally politely.