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This is cool. I'd like to find a modern looking one

I need some help from my UK friends. I'd like to organise a canoe (perhaps called a kayak in the UK) float trip. In parts of the US, you can hire canoes (or kayaks) for the day. The hire company will then drive you to a part of the river, you float and arrive at the end where they collect you and take you back to your cars. It is great fun, and I was thinking about that yesterday. My question(s) are all around how I should google search it. For starters, I'm taking about using one of these:

And here we see one of many reasons so-called smart guns are a bad idea. Other reasons include things that make the firearm not go bang when the trigger is pulled.

Best comment ever

"It's called an app.

When you take your time and do something right, you are proud of your work, and when you present your results, you enunciate and pronounce the full word: application."


In the US? Take your container to .@7eleven to get all the it can hold for only a buck fiddy this weekend.

This gave me the heeby-jeebies and I was just watching it. I can't imagine actually being in there.

the enemy of my enemy is not always my ally

This is cool (even though Wired uses a weird ad page blocker thing, the tech is cool)

This would be a cool place to visit. Anyone know of the actual location of this Barclays?